Super New!

I’ll tell you what’s not new, no shut eye! We’ve been busy bees to say the least here at JCLA! On the bright side, we’re having a slightly better hair day than this pup! Have you noticed anything different about the JCLA website?  If you click on the Products tab you will find an array of fabulous new products that we have curated for you in our boutique! In our travels we meet so many talented designers who also happen to be very nice people! We’re adding more and more products each week. From Paul Frank Pet, Fabulous DUDDS Doggie Costumes,   and 26 Bars & A Band , you’re sure to find something that will make you and your fellow pet lovers smile!  Next week we will be adding Crystal Affair to our boutique! That’s right, exquisite Swarovski crystal collars,brushes, and leads! It’s all so exciting!

JCLA’s “Brunette Ambition Tour” kicks off with Superzoo in Las Vegas! Mandalay Bay Baby! Boutique owners and distributors get 10% off any in booth order at the world’s largest pet trade show!  JCLA is booth #786 between Rodeo Dr. and Equine! 

What do you get when you cross a Bond Girl Smuggler with a Rescue Me Tote?  We’ll be unveiling our first prototype at Superzoo Sept 11-13th.  This faux leather Rescue Me Tote has a snap out leopard lining with the convertible top of the Bond Girl bag! This new design will come with a new cast of characters: Pampered Poodle, Maltease, Snotty Scottie and Spiffy Spaniel! Don’t worry Te Quiero Chihuahua and I Love New Yorkie will still be available on the new Rescue Me tote.  It should be 2-3 months before these babies hit the shelves!  We’re also developing purse hangers featuring our JCLA animal silhouettes!  JCLA_Purse_Hanger_Mirror_Trio

We will post this accessory for pre order soon! There are two choices: a keychain with purse hanger attached and a purse hanger with a flip top mirror!  Please tell us which version you prefer and what animal styles you’d like to see available. With this new must have accessory you can keep those precious purse paws off the ground!JCLA_Purse_Hanger_Flip_Mirror_Poodle

Our next event is Strutt your Mutt in Los Angeles: Sept 22nd from 10am-1pm. Please come see us at the Pan Pacific Park in Los Angeles for special deals, a sample sale, and tons of fun for a great cause!

A huge thank you to all of our customers who send in fabulous photos of their furries in our bags! We so appreciate the kind words and generous reviews!   Until next time…keep it waggin’!



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