I Love My Dog

Recently, I was upset by a friend who texted me to back out of an agreement. With no time to recover from the news, I was forced to see this person face to face. I gently packed my dog in his bag and made my way to meet with the person in question.  I did my best to smile and act chipper. This person looked at my dog peeking out of the Smuggler bag and said, “Your dog is shaking. Is he cold?”  It was not cold outside. My dog isn’t one of those Chihuahuas that trembles either.  He’s usually overjoyed to see anyone with a pulse. My little Truffle was reflecting the feelings of hurt and betrayal I had inside.  I tried comforting Truffle, reassuring him that I was okay. I felt terribly exposed. How could my dog be so connected to the sadness in my heart? Was it that palpable? I didn’t want him to be upset.  I didn’t want this person to see that I was hurt.  I thought I was behaving normally but my pup always has a barometer on my true feelings.

I have two fabulous cats who have seen me go through hell and back, to which they have responded by licking their privates and meowing for more food.  I love my cats and their quirky personalities, but dogs are like no other. Thank you Mr. T for having my back. 🙂

I’d love to hear your stories of how your dog has impacted your life.  Check out these reasons why you absolutely must have a dog in your life.  You can post your thoughts in the comments section below.



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