Goodbye Century City, Hello 2014!

Hope 2014 is starting off with a bang for all of you. We had a great run at the Century City Mall over the holidays!

JCLA_Century_City_Mall_Pet_Boutique2013-12-04 19.57.00

2013-12-16 11.45.26

2013-11-15 14.34.34

Rain or shine!

Rain or shine!

Thanks to all of you who came out to buy bags, coats, bows, JCLA crystal apparel, cozy blankets, and gifts!  2013-11-19 19.51.37We really loved meeting all of your dogs, and enjoyed making your pet couture dreams come true! Mink_Polkadot_Dog_Coat_Boston_Terrier

2013-12-01 19.33.06

Many of your asked us to please, please stay at the mall. Thank you for showing us so much love. If we had a nickel for every person who said our bags should be on Shark Tank….oh wait, we actually DO have a nickel from all of those people!  Based on watching the inspiring episodes of Shark Tank, I don’t think the sharks “get” high end pet boutique products. It seems that they scoff at most pet products.  We don’t have the stomach for that. This is our passion and we have sacrificed a LOT to see our brand succeed.

We cherish all of our new customers from the Century City mall that made our venture a success. The outdoor location proved to be difficult to sustain logistically.  We would not have survived the cold snap and those long winter hours without the kindness and generosity of our neighbors at Pure DKNY, & Alex & Louis. Our shoe shine neighbor, Jose, taught us the very valuable lesson of caring for yourself so that you can take care of your customers with a smile.  Always bright and positive, Jose runs a flourishing chain of shoe shine stations! We will miss you all, espeically your amazing smiles and hearts!

Immediately after closing the JCLA kiosk in Century City, JCLA packed for Northern CA. Last year’s Pet Expo in Long Beach was a huge success for us, so we continued to follow Shorti Rossi’s Pet expo to San Jose! We were mobbed by rabid dog fashionistas. Our customers had us on our feet from 10am-6pm, non stop! The 8 hour expo felt like 2 hrs and we loved it!

Yorkies unite at the JCLA booth in San Jose

Yorkies unite at the JCLA booth in San Jose

Our next consumer venue will be a one day Pet Expo at the Long Beach Arena. Mark your calendar for Feb 1st 10am-6pm at 300 East Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, CA. JCLA will be in booth #207!  Free admission, services, and entertainment for dogs and their parents. We will have our full line of new pet bags, sample bags, bows, coats, harnesses, blankets, doggie ugg boots, leopard pet sneakers, swarovski crystal collars, leashes, crystal pet & human apparel, pet lover jewelry, Pet Head shampoo, deer antler chews, and more!

Can’t make it Feb 1st? Shop JCLA’s next 2 events!

Thank you ALL for showing us so much love when we make our public appearances.  You make all the blood, sweat, and tears worthwhile.



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