Pimp up Your Dogs!

Why not pimp up your precious dogs with our JCLA luxury products? It’s always great to treat your precious ones in style. We have everything to pamper your dogs with from clothes, comfortable sweaters, shoes, socks and etc.!


Let’s face it. This best selling monkey sweater is ear-resistable!!! Bring a smile to everyone’s face with this adorable hand-made sweater.  As if your pet could be any cuter….  Monkey Sweater

Monkey Sweater

This fur coat is trimmed with Tissavel Angora Leopard fur feels so soft, and with our ever popular ultrasuede big bow with square crystal. Our Luxe Suede coat with Chenille lining is accented with a simple matching bow embellishment and a “D” ring for attaching a leash. Lastly, this coat is manufactured in the USA. If your pet is under 1 yr old and still growing please take this into consideration when choosing the proper size.  Matching collar, leash & hair bow are available.  Angora Leopard Fur Coat


 Angora Leopard Fur Coat


Calling all canine Casanovas! Your dog will turn heads with the saying that is taking the doggie world by storm & he may even pick up a few dates while he’s at it! These comfy & stretchy dog tank tops with quality silk screened lettering are completely machine washable & all of our dog clothing is proudly made in the USA. Add our custom embroidery for that personalized touch.

Bitches Love Me tank

Bitches Love Me tank

As seen on Mercedes’ fauxhuahua on the popular TV series Glee! City of Angels (Season 5 episode 11) Puffer Coat

Puffer Coat


Waterproof, fashionable, and warm. You pet will love you for protecting him/her from the elements in this fashionable puffer coat!


 What about Shoes?


    Metallic Gold Leopard Shoe           Leopard Dog Shoes

.   .   .  Metallic Gold Leopard Shoe                              Leopard Dog Shoes


Leopard Dog Sneakers

                                                   Leopard Dog Sneakers


All approved by the “chew-siest” fashionistas and recommended by many celebrities who also have pets themselves.

We all know that dogs are our best friends, so why not get them something special that they will surely appreciate? Don’t wait ‘til Christmas to get your beloved pet something, surprise them with love once in a while.



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