Pimp up Your Dogs!

Why not pimp up your precious dogs with our JCLA luxury products? It’s always great to treat your precious ones in style. We have everything to pamper your dogs with from clothes, comfortable sweaters, shoes, socks and etc.!


Let’s face it. This best selling monkey sweater is ear-resistable!!! Bring a smile to everyone’s face with this adorable hand-made sweater.  As if your pet could be any cuter….  Monkey Sweater

Monkey Sweater

This fur coat is trimmed with Tissavel Angora Leopard fur feels so soft, and with our ever popular ultrasuede big bow with square crystal. Our Luxe Suede coat with Chenille lining is accented with a simple matching bow embellishment and a “D” ring for attaching a leash. Lastly, this coat is manufactured in the USA. If your pet is under 1 yr old and still growing please take this into consideration when choosing the proper size.  Matching collar, leash & hair bow are available.  Angora Leopard Fur Coat


 Angora Leopard Fur Coat


Calling all canine Casanovas! Your dog will turn heads with the saying that is taking the doggie world by storm & he may even pick up a few dates while he’s at it! These comfy & stretchy dog tank tops with quality silk screened lettering are completely machine washable & all of our dog clothing is proudly made in the USA. Add our custom embroidery for that personalized touch.

Bitches Love Me tank

Bitches Love Me tank

As seen on Mercedes’ fauxhuahua on the popular TV series Glee! City of Angels (Season 5 episode 11) Puffer Coat

Puffer Coat


Waterproof, fashionable, and warm. You pet will love you for protecting him/her from the elements in this fashionable puffer coat!


 What about Shoes?


    Metallic Gold Leopard Shoe           Leopard Dog Shoes

.   .   .  Metallic Gold Leopard Shoe                              Leopard Dog Shoes


Leopard Dog Sneakers

                                                   Leopard Dog Sneakers


All approved by the “chew-siest” fashionistas and recommended by many celebrities who also have pets themselves.

We all know that dogs are our best friends, so why not get them something special that they will surely appreciate? Don’t wait ‘til Christmas to get your beloved pet something, surprise them with love once in a while.



How do I work this thing? What is it?

Ask no more! See JCLA Rescue Me totes in action on YouTube!  I’ve never posted anything on YouTube…well technically a sweet soul posted this FOR me, but I’m so happy to show you exactly how many ways our totes can be utilized. Please take a look at this labor of love and comment!

Oh and I should be in bed because I’m going to be on KTLA news morning show with the Rescue Me totes. It’s a royal wedding pet adoption theme! I’ve rounded up rescue dogs, royal bling, and am donating a bag to each person who adopts our Royal Rescues on the show. Check out today’s (Friday’s) KTLA Morning show! I’ll also be announcing a hefty coupon code for online customers!


Jeanne and the furry ones….

Feelin’ Haute all over!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Easter! My favorite Easter commercial is the Cadbury Egg spot where the cat goes, “buck-meow, bok-meow!”

Bock, Meow! Bok Meow!

Cadbury Egg Commercial On YouTube LOL, he totally reminds me of my boy Doodle.

 Easter was great for me despite having to attend a champagne brunch while on a cleanse. (There’s never a convenient time to abstain from eating, is there?) The food looked delicious and the event itself was to benefit Ruff Rescue.

I’m very proud of myself for holding ‘fast’ to my commitment. Ha, ha. Here I am on my 5th day of consuming nothing but good ‘ol Master Cleanse lemonade! I feel peaceful, clear, light, and very focused. Not many people follow through with their commitments. If I fell into that trap, Rescue Me totes would not exist.

Everyone is sending us photos!  We just received a candid photo of a tote we donated to the silent auction for the Washington Humane Society gala. 

Doggie Style Rescue Me tote

JCLA's Doggie Style tote donation at DC's Fashion for Paws.

JCLA donated hundreds of discount certificates along with this Doggie Style Rescue Me tote to benefit the Washington Humane Society. The event raised over $500,000 that night and we are proud to have been a contributor!

Guess what? A little kangaroo told me that JCLA is officially ‘haute’ down under! GlitzyPawz is our new Rescue Me tote distributor in Australia! Not to be outdone, (and strangely in alphabetical order) Austria’s Shop4littleDogs joined our family of retailers just days later.

Haute diggity dog! We love receiving customer photos and comments on our Facebook wall! Check out Samantha in our Doggie Style Rescue Me tote!

Samantha is one 'haute' dog in our Doggie Style tote!

“Thanks Jeanne! Samantha Loves her Jeanne Chinn tote. This is the only bag I have found that she is happy to stay in and that fits a Dachshund. She likes sleeping in there and hates getting out. This tote looks like a dachshund too.:)) Thanks for making my fur baby happy. We both love it.” Cheryl (D.U.D.D.S doggie clothing/ accessory designer)

A couple weekends ago, JCLA made it’s first appearance at the Orange County pet fair!  A mere 40,000 animal lovers attend this event in a weekend! Our customers said (after scouring the massive show) that we had the best bag- hands down! Quite a compliment considering it’s the world’s largest pet expo!

We were excited to present our first tote accessory at this show.  Our custom support cushion completely sold out! People bought the waterproof cushion to place under the lining for their pets. Those purchasing the tote as a purse also took one home. They felt it added a nice structure to the canvas shell. It’s great when an idea comes to fruition.

Mr. Truffle had the time of his life with all the attention, dogs, treats, and gifts. Yep, he s-wagged his way home with a new neck tie, a T-shirt that read: “Bitches Love Me”, and his favorite Stella & Chewy’s freeze dried dinners!

Here are some photos from customers at the show:

JCLA chihuahua in tote

OC Pet Fair customer loves the Te Quiero Chihuahua tote

White chihuahua in a JCLA Te Quiero Chihuahua Rescue me tote

Happy customer shows us how much her pup loves her new tote!





Coton puppies love JCLA Rescue me tote

Coton pups snuggle away!

After the Orange County pet fair, our Facebook wall received another photo from a happy customer. It couldn’t be cuter!  

“Love my New Yorkie bag I bought today the the OC Pet Expo! Bluebell Babies love this new bag, they think its “haute” for sure! We love to snuggle in our fabulous new bag!!!!!!- Susan Medley Hallums and the Bluebell Bunch”

 Mark your calendar for our upcoming events!:

 Santa Clarita Pet & Family Expo Saturday May 14 10am-4pm @ Central Park 27150 Bouquet Canyon Rd. Santa Clarita, CA.

California Gift Show Booth 2145 LA Convention Center 9-6pm July 22-24 & 9-4 on the 25th

Super Zoo Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas Sept 13-15. 10am-5pm Sept.. 13-14, and 10-3pm on the 15th

Hope to see you there!

Smiles, wags, and purrs…

Jeanne, Truffle, Doodle, & Tweety



JCLA Takes the pressue off of V-Day!

If Hallmark, and every retailer in the country, hasn’t shoved it down your throat already…let me be the first to remind you that Valentine’s Day is around the corner. 🙂 Muahahaha!Valentine's Day poodle

I was in Blue Jam Cafe when I overheard two waitresses commiserating,  “I’m getting all these e-mails about having a ‘ROMANTIC’ Valentine’s day. Obnoxious sales on flowers, diamonds, and sexy lingerie! Feh!! Makes me feel like crap.”  I wanted to give them a hug.


The one true love who will never cheat on us, hurt our feelings, lie, or make us feel alone in a relationship?  Our pets of course!  For Mr. Truffle, Doodle, & Tweety every day is Valentine’s Day.  They’re all about love, all the time.

Mr. T


When I founded JCLA, my mission was to return the unconditional love we receive from our pets.  I named each bag with a sassy nod towards love: Te Quiero Chihuahua, I Love New Yorkie, Flirty Feline, and Doggie Style. 

When you carry a Rescue Me tote people know right away that they are in the presence of an animal lover.  Without any introduction, they know you have a big heart. After all, you’ve purchased a product that donates to animal rescue organizations.  And if you’ve chosen to put your furry friend inside that tote, they know that you love to spoil your pup because of all the love and joy he/she has given you.

KTLA's Wendy Burch pampers her Sophy in a Doggie Style tote

If you are one of the lucky ones who receives undconditional love from a human being (it could happen! ha ha),  show that special animal lover in your life that you support what she is passionate about. 

V-day heaps on the pressure to buy romantic gifts….when we may not be ready to.  Avoid the stress, misunderstandings, buying the wrong sized lingerie, and busting your bank account. Skip eating that “romantic” dinner at 11pm. because you… work for a living and didn’t make reservations in January!  Our totes are definitely original, cheaper than diamonds, longer lasting than roses, and won’t melt OR make your loved one fat!

So that’s my subtle suggestion for your V-day shopping blues.  Pick up a Rescue Me tote  (in pink, red,or white) for your pooch, yourself, your super mom, or when you’re just not ready to buy that ring. 😛

To sweeten the pot, you’ll receive a juicy discount code when you sign up for our newsletter.  It comes maybe once a month (there’s a joke in there… but I’ll skip it.) We provide fast, friendly customer service and free shipping within the US.

Happy V-day!

Jeanne, Mr. Truflle, Doodle, & Tweety

(Tweety’s publicist refused to release her photo for this post. We are continuing talks.)